I’d like to know your thoughts.

At the risk of lighting the blue touch paper I’m going to start a political discussion. Just to be clear I don’t want to debate party policies, campaigns or personalities here, we’re all entitled to our opinions. If this becomes at all personal I’ll delete the thread, I’m hoping for a neutral discussion so please keep it nice.

I just looked at a neighbouring constituency’s results for the last election and just under 30% of registered voters didn’t vote. The difference between the winner and second place was 24% (of those who actually voted). Just think, that could have been a totally different result if the 30% had made their voices heard.

100 years ago a large percentage of us wouldn’t have had the right to vote (men and women). People campaigned for over 30 years to have this changed and it took the aftermath of WW1 to see all men with the right to vote and 40% of women. It took another 10 years before all adults had a vote. Many people fought long and hard for your right to have a say so even if you don’t think your choice will win, go and make that choice known, show them your support. You may be part of that 30% that could have made the difference.

Our current system is not reflective of people’s voting choices, let alone their beliefs and values, where actual vote numbers do not equate to representation in government. In my constituency it will take a swing of monumental proportions to unseat the current holder so many people feel their vote is wasted, and so don’t vote at all, or feel the need to vote tactically. The way the First Past The Post system works induces tactical voting based on fear and ignorance rather than beliefs and values. The system does not work in the interests of the people in a multi-party environment.

In what is considered a safe seat what are your thoughts on voting for the strongest competition in order to try and de-seat the current holders, rather than voting for your strongest affiliation who maybe don’t stand a chance?

Let me know what you think.

PS. If you agree that First Past The Post is no longer fit for purpose you might like to sign the petition championing Proportional Representation.

Yes, I think our voting system should be changed


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