A highly organised and self-motivated problem solver with a high level of attention to detail, I am passionate about effective communication and good customer service and skilled at creating concise, accurate, clear documentation and content. I’m creative with an aptitude for learning new systems, technologies and skills. I value ethical, socially responsible and ecologically respectful practices.

I am passionate about helping people and all of my work has had a strong customer service focus. I have 20 years of experience communicating with a wide range of people of greatly varying knowledge, education and skill levels. This includes face to face, telephone and electronic communications with customers, members of the public, colleagues and suppliers. Written communication has been a large component of my work including email communications, website content, help centre articles, promotional copy and articles and newsletters.

As a contractor I have seamlessly integrated with support teams to ensure that all tasks are completed effectively, in good time and with proper attention to detail, prioritising and scheduling tasks where necessary. I have strong organisational, planning, prioritisation and time management skills.

My technical support work has most frequently required communicating effectively with customers to understand their requirements and explain issues and technical restrictions. This has, at times, required dealing with angry complainants and I am able to effectively explain issues to people in a factual, calm and empathetic manner to pacify the situation and find solutions. By taking the time to listen thoroughly and understand requirements I can nearly always find an effective solution or work-around, provide information on how they can achieve more and offer further help if required.

I am always keen to extend my knowledge, learn new skills and make improvements to my practices.

As a sports coach in my spare time I enjoy teaching new skills to young people and providing an encouraging, supportive environment for them to do so.

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