8 Top Tips For Giving Great Online Customer Service

We’ve all been there, you’ve got a problem with a product or service and you submit a support request on the company’s website or email their support team. You get a reply from someone asking questions that you’ve already answered in the initial enquiry and, from their minimal response and lack of basic grammar, you’re … Read more

Drowning in website traffic or wallowing in the shallow end?

Many companies ask the question, “How much traffic is my website getting?”. The reality though, is that they are asking the wrong question. The real issue is focus; getting the right traffic and converting that traffic into value. Grab your waterwings and we’ll show you what that means and how to find out if you’re … Read more

Your views probably aren’t represented in parliament. Here’s why.

If nothing else, the whole Brexit debacle has highlighted how unrepresentative parliament is of the majority of British voters under the first past the post system. The system does not adequately represent the people in a multi-party environment and greater cooperation is needed. In 2017 here’s how many votes it took to win a seat: … Read more

Why your vote might be wasted in UK elections

I’d like to know your thoughts. At the risk of lighting the blue touch paper I’m going to start a political discussion. Just to be clear I don’t want to debate party policies, campaigns or personalities here, we’re all entitled to our opinions. If this becomes at all personal I’ll delete the thread, I’m hoping … Read more

Shut up legs! (And bums too). We need your help.

2 bicycles, 2 days, 140 miles!!! It’s going to be “May Day, Pray Day” for Rhian and Fiona who will be taking on the Coast 2 Coast Challenge over the May Bank Holiday weekend. They will be cycling from Workington in Cumbria to Sunderland, over the Pennines, raising money for The Neros Foundation (and probably … Read more